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Marvell understands that life happens. Random school closures, sick nannies, aging parents who need help, pets who could use some mid-day love...Wouldn't it be nice to have some help along the way? Now you have it, with Care@Work provided as an employee benefit for you from Marvell. But you have to register to get started.

Accessing your Benefits: Use your Marvell email address to register for your free account at  Already have a membership? Register for Marvell's free membership then link your personal account to your corporate account by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Take Advantage Of Your Benefits

Child Development Resources

Are you caring for a child with a learning, social, or behavioral challenge, or a developmental disability?  Lyra Health cuts through the hassles of finding and arranging specialized assistance for your child by offering comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for every type and level of need, plus:

  • Easy, online signup, lowering your stress and saving you time
  • A wide range of care options, from self-guided programs, to coaching (accessible in multiple ways), to specialized, in-person therapy and more
  • Data-driven, personalized matching of providers to your child’s specific needs
  • Immediate appointments and reduced wait times (days instead of weeks or months) for even highly specialized care

Learn more about how Lyra can support you here.