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Lyra Health is Marvell's partner for a wide range of innovative mental and behavioral health services, plus resources to enhance many aspects of your personal and professional life. 

Support How, When and Where You Need It

Life is full of challenges of all kinds, but the good news is you don’t have to face them on your own. Lyra Health offers a whole spectrum of options—completely confidential and at no cost—to help you meet those challenges in ways that work best for you.

Get Started With Lyra

Visit to explore and register for Lyra Health services. Once registered, you can:

  • Complete a brief, confidential wellness questionnaire to receive personalized care recommendations.
  • Review the selection of high-quality coaches and/or therapists who are matched to your needs.
  • Book an in-person or virtual appointment as early as the next day or begin using the available self-directed care apps.

You can also call the 24/7 support line to speak with a Lyra Care Navigator for assistance finding care or scheduling a coaching or therapy appointment: 877-452-1372.

Mental and Emotional Health Care

Lyra Health can help you and your loved ones navigate everyday challenges like stress, relationships, sleep or parenting, as well as concerns such as developmental or behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, substance use, self-harm and more. Through evidence-based, clinically proven treatment methods, plus top therapists, coaches and digital tools, Lyra enables you and your family members to tap into flexible, easy-to-use support resources and start feeling better.

Lyra Work-Life Services

Through their third-party partnerships, Lyra also offers these services to help you and your family deal with a variety of life’s challenges: