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Financial - 401K plan

Marvell’s life and disability plans in Canada are provided through Canada Life, available for employees, spouses/domestic partners, and dependent children. 

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Short-Term Disability If you are unable to work due to your own serious medical condition, you may be eligible for short-term disability benefits. Your benefit is 75% of your gross weekly pay to a maximum of $1,384 (with evidence). Amounts over $1,247 are subject to evidence of insurability (EOI). The maximum benefit period is 17 weeks. There is no waiting period for accidents or being admitted to the hospital and a 7 day waiting period for illness. 
Long-Term Disability Long-Term Disability (LTD) provides income replacement after a 120 day waiting period. Long-Term Disability provides a benefit of 68.5% of your gross monthly income up to $2,500, 50.5% for the next $2,500, and 42.5% for the remainder.

Long-Term Disability is paid by employees at the rate of $1.47 per $100 coverage. 

Basic Life and AD&D The Marvell Benefits Program provides protection for your family or another beneficiary from loss of income and savings in the event of your death or when you are severely injured as a result of an accident. AD&D Insurance provides additional protection to you or your beneficiaries if you die or lose a limb or eyesight due to an accident.
  • 200% of your annual salary
  • Non-evidence maximum $678,000
  • $750,000 maximum
  • Termination 71 or earlier retirement
Supplemental Life Insurance Employee can apply for additional life insurance for a premium in units of $10,000 to an overall maximum of $300,000 for themselves, $10,000 overall maximum for their spouse, and $5,000 overall maximum for their children.

To learn more about Canada Life Insurance,  please visit the Plan Documents and Resources page to review the plans booklet and summaries.