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Family - Counseling Services

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Marvell Contact Us Technical Support black 301x223LIFE GETS TOUGH, BUT GETTING HELP SHOULD BE EASY

Marvell understands that life happens. Most of us encounter stress, life changes and problems that affect not only ourselves and our work, but also our families and loved ones.
Marvell offers a variety of programs to help. Plus, many of the health plans offer special mental health services for their members.
Benefits and programs are available to all U.S.- and Canada-based employees unless specified otherwise. Health plan-specific benefits are available only to enrolled members. 


Available for U.S. and Canada employees

Lyra makes it easy to find the right care for your need. Review their resources whenever you want or make an appointment to speak with someone about your concerns. The way you use Lyra is up to you!
Register for Lyra and answer some simple questions to get your personalized care recommendations. If you want to meet with a coach or counselor, you have eight free sessions per year. 

Learn more by visiting:


Available for U.S. and Canada employees

The LifeKeys® Employee Assistance Program (EAP) connects you with professionals who can help you resolve everyday challenges and work-life issues. Whether you’re looking for assistance with legal, financial, family or career-related concerns, the EAP can help!
Other EAP services include shopping and entertainment discounts, identity theft protection, online will preparation, and beneficiary support. For a complete list of services and benefits, check out the LifeKeys EAP flyer.

To register, visit (web ID: LifeKeys) or call the EAP at (855) 891-3684.

Available for Canada employees

Canadian employees have access to CoreContact Employee Assistance Program which provides you and your dependents confidential counseling and information sessions for topics related to marital/relationship, family care such as child/elder care concerns, personal and emotional support, and more. 
To learn more in the Benefits Summary for Canada Life. Need immediate assistance? Call CoreContact's 24/7 toll-free number at (866) 289-6749.


Available for U.S.-based employees only

2nd.MD will help you find a mental health provider and facilitate virtual consultations with the country’s leading mental health specialists―both psychiatrists and psychologists. 2nd.MD services are fast, secure, confidential and available at no cost to you and your family (spouse, children, parents, grandparents and siblings).