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Family HDR Care com Benefits


Marvell understands that life happens. Random school closures, sick nannies, aging parents who need help, pets who could use some mid-day love...Wouldn't it be nice to have some help along the way? 

Now you have it, with Care@Work provided as an employee benefit for you from Marvell. But you have to register to get started.

Accessing your Benefits: Use your Marvell email address to register for your free account at  Already have a membership? Register for Marvell's free membership then link your personal account to your corporate account by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Take advantage of your benefits:


This program enhancement will be available in October, announcement to follow soon.

With distance learning and hybrid schedules, Marvell has expanded backup care offerings with to include tutoring services for children. 

  • Use your Premium Membership to find a tutor, or find a tutor on your own
  • Submit receipts for reimbursement via your account at (tutoring portal will be live within the next few days). Haven't registered yet? Instructions available here
    • Didn't receive a receipt from your tutor? Ask the tutor to complete a "Payment Receipt"
  • You can submit receipts for reimbursement for tutoring that took place on or after 10/1/2020
  • Each tutoring engagement will count as 1 backup care day. You have a total of 10 backup care days each calendar year, combined with child care, adult care, and tutoring reimbursement
  • You are eligible to be reimbursed for tutoring expenes up to $125/day, less your copay of $8/hour for in-home tutoring and $15/child/day for in-center tutoring
  • Eligible expenses include in-home, virtual, group, and in-center for children
  • Tutoring Child Development


Are you caring for a child with a learning, social, or behavioral challenge, or a developmental disability?  Marvell understands how difficult it may be to balance work and life, so we offer Rethink - a program that provides free tele-consultations with behavioral health experts as well as training videos and other resources to support you.  Learn more about this free benefit here.