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PERKS Traveling

travel webartPLANNING A TRIP?

Whether you are traveling on company business or for personal reasons we hope you have a safe trip! Please make sure to review the information below before your trip to make sure you are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Do you need a Schengen Visa for your vacation travels? Submit a case online with the HR Service Center and allow for up to 3 business days turnaround for employment verification letters. 

Do you need proof of medical insurance for your vacation travels? Please contact your medical insurance provider directly for a certification of international coverage. Note that Marvell's medical plans (Anthem and Kaiser) do not offer repatriation coverage; you will need to purchase a private plan or contact the Travel Assistance Services program offered through Lincoln Financial Group for more information on repatriation services offered.

Travel Vaccines: Most vaccines recommend for international travel are part of the Free Preventive Care provided by your in-network doctor. Prior to your trip, review the vaccines recommended for your country of travel on the CDC Website and talk to your doctor about any additional vaccines you may need. Note that travel clinics are typically out-of-network and charge full cost for vaccines.



Through your life and disability insurance with Lincoln Financial Group, you have free access to Travel Assistance and ID Theft Protection Services, including

      • Pre-Trip Information: Understand visa and passport requirements, immunization requirements, foreign exchange rates, and embassy or consular referrals
      • Emergency Medical Assistance: Medical referrals, monitoring, and evacuation, repatriation, and emergency medical payments
      • Emergency Personal Services: Medication and eyeglass prescription assistance, emergency travel arrangements, emergency cash, locating lost items, bail advancement
      • ID Theft Assistance: Prevention services, detection services, resolution guidance and assistance, personal services

Download the ID card with contact information for the program when traveling.

What to have ready: Your employer’s name, a phone number where you can be reached, nature of the problem, and your group ID# LFGTravel123.

Have a serious medical emergency? Please obtain emergency medical services first (contact the local “911”), and then contact the 24/7 Global Response Center for assistance. Call collect from anywhere in the world: +1 603-328-1955, or toll-free from the U.S. or Canada: 1-866-525-1955. You may also email from anywhere in the world to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


When traveling on company business, Marvell’s business travel accident insurance and medical insurance provide a safety net if the unexpected happens. Before you travel, save the 24/7 support number in your phone and review the types of services available to you.

 Need proof of medical coverage to obtain a travel visa for a business trip? Download the PDF "Proof of Travel Medical Insurance". 


Business Travel Accident Insurance: All employees, interns and contractors worldwide are covered under the Chubb Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Plan which pays up to up to 10x annual salary with a maximum of $1M for death or loss of limb, speech, sight or hearing incurred while traveling on company business.

Global Medical Insurance: All employees, interns and contractors worldwide are covered under the Chubb Global Medical Insurance. While on business travel, the plan will:

  • Pay for up to $250,000 for incurred medical expenses
  • Cover medical evacuations
  • Cover loss of personal property up to $1,000 USD
  • Extend coverage for up to 14 days of personal travel when coordinated with a business trip, including for dependents

For more information and policy documents, visit the Business Travel Page.