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Resources Form 1095


The Affordable Care Act, a national health care law, requires all Americans to have health insurance. You will be required to submit Form 1095-C and/or 1095-B with your tax returns.


As a reminder, all employees will receive a Form 1095-C from Marvell, regardless of whether you are enrolled in medical insurance through Marvell.  As a New Hire or during Open Enrollment you selected to either have Form 1095-C from Marvell delivered to you electronically or via a mailed copy.  If you elect to have Form 1095-C delivered via email, you will receive a notification from Marvell when the form is available to view through the Personal Documents section of the Benefits Enrollment portal.  You may change your distribution preference at any time by contacting Proview at 888-754-6501.  

Please note that if you leave Marvell before the end of the calendar year, Form 1095-C will be sent to you via mail, regardless if you opted to receive the form electronically.

For Kaiser Members, in addition to Form 1095-C from Marvell, you will also receive Form 1095-B directly from Kaiser via the mail (there is currently not an option for electronic distribution).  


All employees, regardless of whether you are enrolled in one of Marvell's medical plans, will receive Form 1095-C to submit with your tax returns.  This form proves to the IRS that you were offered or enrolled in health insurance during the calendar year.  Employees enrolled in the Kaiser Plan will also receive form 1095-B directly from Kaiser to include with their tax returns.

Form 1095 FAQ's:

Form 1095-C: Provided by Marvell, all employees will receive
This form provides proof of the health insurance coverage Marvell offered to you and your family during the tax year. If you purchased health insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace and wish to claim the premium tax credit, this information will assist you in determining whether you are eligible. Form 1095-C contains the following information:

  • Whether coverage was offered to you, your spouse and dependents
  • The lowest monthly premium for self-only, minimum-value coverage offered to you 
  • Whether or not you had Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) 
  • Which dependents were covered, if applicable
  • Which months you and any covered dependents had coverage

This form will be provided to you regardless of whether you opted to enroll in health insurance benefits through Marvell.

Form 1095-B: Provided by Kaiser
This form serves as proof that you and your family had MEC during the tax year. This form contains a few specific pieces of information:

  • Whether or not you had MEC
  • Which dependents were covered, if applicable
  • Which months you and any covered dependents had coverage

Only one copy of the form(s) will be provided for all of your covered family members. Spouses and dependents who received coverage under your plan will not receive their own forms. If necessary, you may provide copies of the form to your spouse and dependents for their own records.


  • You will receive the 1095-B and/or 1095-C form(s) by early February of the following tax year
  • If you obtained health insurance coverage from more than one employer during a tax year, you will receive a separate 1095-B and 1095-C form from each employer and health insurance company that offered or provided coverage.
  • If you see errors on your 1095 form or don’t receive it by early February, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..