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Virtual physical care — overcome your pain at home.

Start your journey to living pain free with SWORD, virtual physical care for back, joint and muscle pain that you can do from the comfort of home, or anywhere. Combining the best in human care with easy-to-use technology, SWORD offers a proven and more convenient option than traditional in-person physical therapy. 

What is SWORD?

SWORD is a clinically proven at-home physical therapy program. SWORD's easy-to-use technology can help you reduce your pain by up to 70% in just 8 weeks and can help users achieve a 30% improvement over conventional physical therapy. (Source: SWORD Clinical Studies; graph, summary)

Whether you want to prevent or treat chronic pain or recover from surgery, SWORD is here for you and helps you overcome pain in all areas below.

 Back, Shoulder, Hip, Neck, Knee, Elbow, Ankle, Wrist, Pelivc

How SWORD works

    1. Complete a detailed intake form to determine you are a candidate for the program and setup your first call with a physical therapist.
    2. Your dedicated physical therapist gets to know you over a video call and designs an exercise program just for you.
    3. SWORD will ship you a Digital Therapist© tablet and motion sensors to track your exercise progress, give feedback and help correct your form in real-time.
    4. Complete your exercise sessions wherever and whenever it is convenient for you.
    5. Your physical therapist supports you every step of the way and even adjusts the program as your needs change, so you get better, faster.

Who can use SWORD?

SWORD is available at no cost to all US and Canada employees, interns; spouses/domestic partners, and children 13+ who are enrolled in a Marvell benefit. 

Get started with SWORD

Ready to get started on your journey to reduce pain and build strength? Go to, select your country of residence, then click Get Started:

    • You’ll be asked to provide your name, email, date of birth, and state of residence for SWORD to confirm your eligibility for the program.
    • Once your eligibility is confirmed, you’ll be asked to complete a clinical intake survey which can take 10 – 15 minutes to complete. Your answers are confidential and used to determine if your condition qualifies for the program as well as help your physical therapist design an exercise program tailored for you.
    • The last step of the process is to schedule a video call with a physical therapist.
    • Simply wait for your SWORD kit to arrive in the mail and follow the instructions from your physical therapist!

Get Started with SWORD

Download the SWORD Health app from the App Store or Google Play to chat with your SWORD team, view assignments, and access helpful information to support your pain prevention journey.

Learn More About SWORD

Program Overview


Here's what Marvell employees are saying about SWORD:

I’ve struggled with pain for years after breaking my foot in 2017. After 2 surgeries, months of recovery, and “failing out” of in-person physical therapy due to a lack of time, I gave up on ever returning to my prior activity or comfort levels. 5 years and one 12 week Sword program later, I can honestly say Sword has changed my life! Being able to pursue a full physical therapy program at home, on my own time, has resulted in vast improvements both in my pain levels, and in my ability to engage in activities I previously thought were out of my reach. I saw improvements after just a few sessions, which motivated me to stick with the program and push through the tough days. I went from limping out of bed on cold mornings to jogging on cold mornings by week 8 of my 12 week program. Thank you to Sword for making physical therapy accessible, and thank you to Marvell for bringing this program to employees!

- Marvell Employee, completed SWORD in spring 2022

I started experiencing pain and tightness in my wrists that crept-up slowly but began preventing me from doing normal activities in my life, like my fitness routine or even holding a shopping cart at the grocery store. I attempted traditional physical therapy through my insurance but it wasn't working out between the paper handouts and trying to complete exercises on my own that I didn't fully understand. SWORD made physical therapy simple: The video technology and sensors let me see exactly how I needed to do the exercises and was easy to follow along. It was a commitment, I dedicated 30 minutes 5 days per week to the exercises, but I started feeling relief in my wrists within the first week which motivated me to continue. I've now completed my 12 week program and am back to my normal lifestyle, pain free.

- Marvell Employee, completed SWORD in spring 2022


Watch this video to hear from other SWORD users: