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Modern Health
 Note: Beginning January 1, 2023, Lyra Health will become Marvell’s new global partner for a wide range of innovative mental and behavioral health services. Plus, they’ll offer resources to enhance many aspects of your personal and professional life. Review the Lyra page for details on how to transition your care to Lyra Health network. 

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Marvell believes that you should be able to get the type of care you need for your personal well-being when you need it. Modern Health makes this easy by providing counseling, coaching, and digital tools. 


As an employee you login via SSO two ways:

  • Download the app (iOS or Android); from the login screen, select "Using SSO?" below the login box and use your Marvell email address
  • Desktop

Once logged in, you can request access for family members (instructions here).

Login via SSO

Modern Health recommends using the mobile app to access all program features.

Responding to Stressful World Events

Resources are available for you and your family members to support whatever emotions you may be experiencing upon hearing about upsetting, traumatic news events:

  • Processing Stressful World Events - Join an upcoming listen-and-learn Circle to learn ways to process grief, anger, and other strong emotions, and for ways to cope. Learn about Circles here, and signup for an upcoming session here.
  • Review the following visual resources:
  • Talk with a professional - meet with a therapist or coach to help you talk through and process the emotions you may be experiencing. Login to Modern Health to select a therapist, on average you will connect with a provider in less than 1 business day.