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Health Engage Being Well APP

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Engage is a wellness app designed to support your journey to better health by rewarding you for taking care of your overall well-being.

Earn points by completing healthy actions that can be redeemed toward an annual $100 reward. After earning your annual reward, you can continue to collect

points to enter quarterly sweepstakes for additional gift cards.

  • How to Access Engage: Employees can log in via Okta SSO through the desktop or by downloading the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Eligible dependents can register at
  • Who Can Participate: All US and Canada employees. In the US, adult dependents (spouses/domestic partners and children) who are enrolled in a Marvell benefit (medical, dental, vision, or life insurance) can also access Engage.

See FAQ on challenges, points, and Create Your Own Challenges here.


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healthy habits


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walking challenges


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walking challengesALL USERS

  • Track your steps, sleep and nutrition
  • Start a Healthy Habit
  • Get movin’ with your colleagues in weeklong Create Your Own Challenges
  • Participate in the two annual US and Canada walking challenges
  • Navigate COVID-19 resources, like finding a vaccine or testing site near you*

*Some COVID-19 resources are limited for Canada users


Engage to be used in lieu of Sydney app for Anthem members

  • Review your healthcare claims in one location
  • Track spend towards your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum
  • View year-to-date FSA and HSA spend
  • Order prescriptions
  • Access your digital Anthem ID card
  • Find an in-network healthcare provider and compare quality ratings
  • Price healthcare services before receiving care

walking challengesEARN POINTS

The more you use Engage, the more points you earn!

  • Track your steps or log activities to be converted to steps and earn 5 – 10 points daily
  • Log your food and earn 10 points daily
  • Track at least two hours of sleep for 5 points daily
  • Complete a Healthy Habit for 5 points
  • Take a health assessment

Anthem Users can earn additional points by:

  • Rating a doctor
  • Viewing your claims
  • Reviewing your plan
  • Building your care team
  • Searching for care


Each employee and eligible dependent can earn a $100 gift card each year or redeem points toward a $100 donation to a charity*.

Direct Reward

1000 points = $100
500 points = $50
250 points = $25
100 points = $10
50 points = $5

After you’ve earned your $100 in gift cards you can submit points towards quarterly sweepstakes for additional gift cards.

Note on taxation: rewards are considered taxable income and employees will be taxed via payroll for a gift card earned by the employee or a dependent.

*Canada users currently are not eligible to redeem towards a donation

Engage Challenge

icons8 card wallet 96CREATE YOUR OWN CHALLENGE

Get movin’ with your colleagues by starting a step challenge!

  • Create a team and invite up to 50 colleagues to join your 7-day challenge
  • Sync your fitness tracker or log your activities. Use the step converter to count bike rides, swims and even time spent gardening toward the challenge
  • Steps (or activity converted to steps) are converted to gems. The participant with the most gems at the end of the challenge wins!
  • Use the chat feature to cheer (or jeer!) others within your challenge
  • You can start a challenge anytime, except when Marvell has a company-wide challenge.
  • See FAQ here

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Start your journey towards new, healthy behaviors. Use Healthy Habits as a guide to improve your health and reach your personal goals.

  • Select up to two habits at a time that you want to work on:
    • Self Care: Avoiding screen time before bed, connecting with other, reading, practicing gratitude, meditating
    • Grow: Develop empathy, learn to listen
    • Save Money: Discover simple ways to reduce expenses
    • Eat Healthy: Eat veggies and fruits, as well as drink more water
    • Move: Get active by taking some time to stretch
  • Practice your habit daily. Set up Engage to send you reminders to keep you reach your goal.
  • Achieve long-term success! On average it takes several weeks for a new behavior to become a habit.

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Join your colleagues in the US and Canada for two annual walking challenges that are hosted in the spring and fall. The competition gets fierce as rankings are tracked weekly in the company wellness newsletter! Watch for information about how and when to sign up.