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Health COVID 19 Updates



If you are working in a different state or country than your designated work location in Workday, your health plans, insurance and other benefits may not apply. It is very important that you notify HR as soon as possible if you have been working in a different state or country than what is reflected in Workday (open a ServiceNow ticket).

For U.S. employees working in a different state than designated in Workday:
You may be eligible to change your health plan within 31 days of moving to a different state, but only if your current health plan does not offer coverage in the state you are currently residing.

For U.S. employees working outside of the country:
Your primary address in Workday must remain your permanent home address in the U.S. If you change your address in Workday to a non-U.S. address, you will be dropped from Marvell’s benefit plans.

Medical Coverage:

  • All Marvell medical plans cover urgent/emergency services while abroad, but non-urgent/emergency services will not be covered, including routine annual exams, non-urgent lab services, immunizations, etc.
  • The Anthem Preferred, Anthem HDHP, and MVP Plan provide limited out-of-network coverage for non-urgent/emergency services abroad (under most circumstances).
  • For more information about medical coverage outside of the U.S., please visit the Travel page at

Dental/Vision Coverage:

  • Both Delta Dental Base and Buy-Up and VSP Base and Buy-Up Plans have limited out-of-network coverage.

Life/AD&D Insurance:

  • A Life or AD&D claim may be denied if you are residing outside the U.S. Please open a ServiceNow ticket under the Benefits category for additional information.

Please open a ServiceNow ticket under the Benefits category with any questions relating to benefits coverage outside the U.S.


 Permanent changes to the list of qualified medical expenses due to the CARE Act:

  • Over the Counter (OTC) medicine may be paid for on a tax-free basis by an HSA or Health Care FSA Plan. This change eliminated the provision that required a prescription for OTC medication (except insulin) to be covered on a tax-free basis. Examples of OTC medication are cold medications, antihistamines, antacids, anti-inflammatories, and other health-related items. 
  • Menstrual care products are now considered qualifying medical expenses that can be paid for on a tax-free basis by an HSA or Health Care FSA. Menstrual care products include tampons, pads, liners, cups, sponges, and similar products used by individual with respect to menstruation.

If you use a Navia Benefits Card, please note that most retail and online stores need to modify their inventory systems to mark OTC items as eligible expenses under the new laws before your card will be accepted for these items.  It may take 6-8 weeks before most stores and online providers make the necessary changes, and your transaction may be declined during checkout if you attempt to make OTC purchases with your Navia card during this time.  You can still purchase these items using an alternative form of payment and submit the expenses for reimbursement until the retail systems are updated.


Testing Costs: COVID-19 testing is covered for FREE on all Marvell medical plans. The free testing includes the test and visits associated with testing (office visits, urgent care, ER, etc).

Treatment Costs for COVID-19:

  • Anthem Blue Cross will cover the treatment in full from April 1 - December 31, 2020. The coverage will include treatment both in-patient and out-patient services, respiratory services, durable medical equipment, skilled care needs and FDA approved drugs when they become available. The waiver of cost shares will be for both in-network providers only.  Visit the Anthem COVID-19 resource center.
  • Kaiser is waiving all member out-of-pocket costs and copays for inpatient and out-patient services for treatment from April 1 - December 31, 2020. The coverage will include but limited to Hospitalization, Office Visits, Telemedicine, ER, Urgent Care, Pharmacy and Transportation costs. Learn about COVID care options through Kaiser here and the latest information on facility closures/adjusted hours/considerations here.
  • Tufts is waiving member cost shares, including co-payments, coinsurance, and deductibles for medically necessary Coronavirus treatment through December 31, 2020. This coverage applies at in-network providers, urgent care centers, emergency rooms, and other facilities, and at out-of-network providers, in the event, a member cannot easily find an in-network provider to provide timely services. Latest udpates from Tufts can be found here.
  • MVP is covering the full cost of treatment associated with COVID-19 cases until December 31, 2020. Latest updates from MVP can be found here.

While all Marvell's medical plans have announced COVID treatment and medically necessary COVID testing are covered at 100% through December 31, our understanding is that all plans will continue to cover at 100% until the end of the pandemic. We will update this page as the medical plans make formal annoucements on COVID coverage extensions.

Medical Assistance is offered by 2nd.MD at no cost to you and your loved ones. If you need an advocate to assist you in navigating the healthcare system, 2nd.MD is here to help! 


  COVID-19 Screening Test COVID-19 Treatment Virtual Care
with your PCP, Specialists, etc
Health Plan Links
Anthem Exclusive $0 copay; No Coinsurance $0 copay; No Coinsurance $0 copay; No Coinsurance


Anthem Blue Cross Updates
Marvell is Self-Funded;
costs will match CA state and federal mandates for fully-insured

Anthem Preferred $0 copay; No Coinsurance $0 copay; No Coinsurance $0 copay; No Coinsurance
Anthem HDHP No Coinsurance $0 copay; No Coinsurance $0 copay; No Coinsurance
Kaiser HMO $0 copay $0 copay $0 copay Kaiser HMO Updates
MVP $0 copay; No Coinsurance $0 copay; No Coinsurance Office Visit Copay applies MVP Updates
Tufts HMO $0 copay; No Coinsurance $0 copay; No Coinsurance $0 copay; No Coinsurance Tufts HMO Updates



We recommend members use telehealth when possible to help prevent the spread of infection and improve access to care. Access 24/7 adult and pediatric urgent and non-emergency care, including for concerns of COVID-19. Telemedicine Doctors can also treat and prescribe for many medical and behavioral health conditions: cold & flu symptoms, sinus problems, respiratory infection, allergies, sore throat, skin problems, mental health, stress & anxiety, depression, etc.

Anthem: Exclusive, Preferred & HDHP Kaiser HMO MVP Tufts HMO

LiveHealth Online
(urgent care needs)

Syndey Care (COVID-19 concerns/symptoms)

Video Visits
(urgent care needs)

(COVID-19 concerns/symptoms)


Anthem Blue Cross
  • Anthem members can get a 30-day emergency refill for most prescription medications.
  • Kaiser recommends members go and select the mail order option to receive your medications in a few business days. For urgent prescriptions, you should visit your closest Kaiser Permanente pharmacy.
  • MVP recommends members move their maintenance medications to mail order with CVS Caremark.
  • Members are allowed early refills of their prescriptions prior to the expiration date so that they will have a supply of their medications should they need it.
  • Tufts will waive the one-time refill quantity limitation for maintenance medications to permit up to a 90-day supply. If a member has multiple maintenance medications, each drug quantity refill will be allowed to be waived just once.
  • Early refills will not be permitted for controlled substance drugs. 


To encourage Marvell employees to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness during the COVID-19 pandemic, Marvell is providing all employees worldwide a reimbursement for on-line fitness memberships.  Review the full policy on the HR Services website.


Marvell has dedicated funds to be used in matching employees’ donations to organizations devoted to addressing local needs of those disproportionately affected as a result of COVID-19 in the communities around the world in which our employees work and live, as well as to organizations whose mission it is to fight racism and discrimination in our communities. Review the full policy on the HR Services website.


To assist employees with essential items needed to be effective in performing their jobs from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Marvell is offering a limited time reimbursement. View the full policy on ServiceNow.