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Bloom — The Next-Generation of Digital Pelvic Therapy

Bloom is an innovative digital pelvic therapy solution developed by Sword Health, Marvell's partner for at-home physical therapy. Members are partnered with Pelvic Health Specialists, all of whom have Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees. The program is designed to address pelvic dysfunctions such as bladder leakage, bowel issues, and pelvic pain.

What is Bloom?

Powered by Sword Health, Bloom is an innovative digital pelvic therapy solution addressing dysfunctions such as pain, discomfort, pressure, urinary leaking, and bowel issues.

    1. Expert, individualized care. Bloom’s individualized care is guided by Pelvic Health
    2. Specialists, all of whom have Doctor of Physical Therapy Degrees.
    3. Safe, intravaginal pod. The Bloom Pod by Elvie is an intravaginal device that measures contraction, force and lengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. It’s encased in medical-grade silicone for comfort during exercises.
    4. Education through the journey. The pod connects to the Bloom mobile app and sends real-time biofeedback to you and your Pelvic Health Specialist. It also includes a clinical library with helpful articles and insights.
    5. Full-spectrum Solution. Bloom is clinical-grade, comprehensive and listed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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 What is Bloom?

    1. Enroll at
    2. Meet virtually with a Pelvic Health Specialist to discuss your specific needs.
    3. The Bloom kit and intravaginal pod will be shipped straight to your door.
    4. Download the app and complete pelvic therapy sessions at home at your convenience. The app will provide real-time data so your Specialist can track progress and provide 1-1 support as you improve.
    5. Enjoy access to the content hub as a safe space to learn more about stigmatized topics and finding relief.

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Who can use Bloom?

Bloom is available at no cost to all US employees, interns, spouses/domestic partners, and children 18+ with vaginal anatomy who are enrolled in a Marvell benefit. 

Get started with Bloom

    • You’ll be asked to provide some information to confirm eligibility.
    • Once eligibility is confirmed, you’ll complete a survey so Bloom can learn more about your specific needs. This can take about 10 minutes to complete. Answers are confidential and used by your Pelvic Health Specialist to determine the best program fit for you.
    • Schedule a video consultation with your Pelvic Health Specialist.
    • Your Bloom kit will arrive in the mail, and you can begin right away!