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Financial - 401K plan

Marvell's comprehensive benefits package not only enables you and your family to live healthy lives but also to save for your future through our 401(k) Retirement Plan. Regardless of your age, it’s never too late or too early to start saving or increase your saving for retirement!

Marvell’s 401(k) Plan Features:

  • Pre-tax 401(k) and post-tax Roth
  • After-tax Contributions and In-Plan Roth Rollovers
  • Up to a $4,000 annual company match
  • Maximum contribution per paycheck: 75%
  • Rollover from previous employer available
  • PCRA self-directed investment options

For more information on the 401(k) Plan, please review the Summary Plan Document and visit the Plan Documents and Resources page.

Roth or Traditional 401(k): What's similar, what's different and what is right for you 

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