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Marvell Enrollment Spouse Change Job

add location alt black 300dpUPDATING YOUR MARVELL BENEFITS

You will have 31 days from the date your spouse’s benefits with their previous employer ends to update your Marvell benefits. Your spouse's benefits coverage start date with Marvell will be retroacted back to the date their previous coverage ended so there won't be a gap in coverage. Alternatively, you will have 31 days from the date your spouse starts a new job and is eligible for benefit coverage or gains new health insurance coverage with their existing employer to update your Marvell benefits.  

To update your benefits, login to the Benefits Enrollment Portal and click on Family Status Change. The date of the life event should be the date your spouse’s benefits either ended with a previous employer or began with a new employer. After you submit your request, you will receive an email from Marvell's benefits administrator, Proview, requesting proof documentation of:

  1. The Life Event: Your spouse will be sent a Certification of Creditable Coverage which will state the date the benefits coverage terminated. 
    • Some employers offer free COBRA as part of a severance package. If your spouse elects COBRA then you will NOT be elgibile to enroll in Marvell's plan when that free period ends. 
  2. The Dependent's Relationship to You: Marvell requires you provide supporting proof documentation for all dependents enrolled in your medical, dental, and vision plans.  Review the Who is Eligible? page for additional information.

Update Your Benefits


Please send the proof documentation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once McGriff reviews the proof documentation your benefit changes will be complete. All benefit changes will be effective as of the date your spouse's coverage ended or new coverage began.

>>Please visit the Who is Eligible? page for a list of acceptable documents.