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Marvell Enrollment COBRA



2023 COBRA Open Enrollment: November 14 to November 31, 2022. Enrollment packets will be mailed to your home address. 

Whether you are leaving Marvell or you or a dependent have become ineligible for Marvell's benefit programs, you may be eligible to continue your existing coverage by enrolling in COBRA. Marvell offers COBRA coverage for medical, dental, vision, and the Health Care and Limited Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts when coverage under these plans would otherwise end.

It is important to remember that COBRA is not your only coverage option, and you should compare other coverage that may be available to you, such as through the federal and state exchanges, Medicare, private plans or your spouse’s employer plan.

For more information about when your Marvell coverage ends, please visit the When Your Benefits End page of this website.

Medical Plans Dental Plans Vision Plans
Anthem Exclusive Plan Kaiser HMO (CA) Dental Dental Base Plan VSP Base Plan
Anthem Preferred Plan Tufts HMO (CA) Dental Dental Buy-Up Plan VSP Buy-Up Plan
Anthem High Deductible Plan      

Enrollment in Marvell COBRA is not automatic. If you are eligible for COBRA, then you and your dependents will receive a COBRA enrollment packet from McGriff Insurance within 2 weeks after the employer coverage has ended. This packet will include your election forms. You have 60 days to enroll for COBRA online or via the paper forms after the employer coverage has ended. The deadlines to enroll and payment due dates will be included in the mailed packet. These deadlines are NOT flexible and should be adhered to. 

McGriff Contact Information:
Phone: (888) 888-3442
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You and your dependents may enroll in COBRA for an initial 18 months if you lose coverage due to one of the following qualifying events: 

  • Voluntary termination
  • Involuntary termination (except for gross misconduct)
  • Reduction of hours that results in a loss of coverage

Employees enrolled on Anthem or Kaiser COBRA may continue under extended COBRA for an additional 18 months – total of 36 months. Not all plans are available for extension after the initial 18-month term, see table. 

  Initial 18 Months Premium Cost Additional 18-Month Extension Premium Cost
Anthem Yes 102% Yes, with McGriff  110%
Kaiser Yes 102% Yes, with Kaiser  110%
Tufts  Yes  102%  No  n/a
Delta Dental  Yes  102%  No  n/a
VSP (Vision) Yes 102%  No  n/a
FSA  Yes 102%  No  n/a
Additional COBRA Extensions

COBRA may also be extended from 18 to 29 months for qualified beneficiaries who are deemed by the Social Security Administration to have been disabled before the end of the first 60 days of COBRA continuation coverage.

Your dependents may extend coverage for up to 36 months if any of the following qualifying events occur:

  • Death of the employee
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Dependent child ceasing to be a dependent

Even though more than one qualifying event may occur, 36 months of extended coverage is the maximum extension available. You and/or your dependent(s) pay the full cost of the extended coverages you choose plus an administrative fee.


The annual COBRA Open Enrollment period for the Marvell Benefits Plan offers you a once-a-year opportunity to elect or change your COBRA benefit coverage. It is important to understand the all the plan changes in the upcoming calendar year and choose the plans that will meet the needs of you and your family.

Please remember that COBRA is not your only option for healthcare. During the Open Enrollment period, it is critical that you choose carefully between COBRA coverage and other coverage options such as the federal and state exchanges, Medicare, private plans, or your spouse’s employer plan. After the Open Enrollment period ends, you cannot make changes to your benefits until the new Open Enrollment period, unless you experience a qualifying life event.

If you are eligible for COBRA then you will receive an Open Enrollment packet from McGriff Insurance, typically in late November or early December. 


If an event takes place that qualifies you, or your dependents, for COBRA coverage, McGriff Insurance will contact you within 14 days of your qualifying event.  If you die while employed, your eligible dependents will be contacted by McGriff upon receipt of notice of your death.

Eligibility for COBRA coverage begins the day you lose coverage. COBRA coverage will terminate due to any of the following:

  • You reach the end of your coverage period (18, 29, or 36 months)
  • Failure to pay premiums in a timely manner (specified timelines would apply)
  • You become covered under another health plan without pre-existing condition limitations
  • You become entitled to Medicare
  • Marvell cancels all group plans

Once coverage ends for any reason, it will not be reinstated.