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PERKS Time Off Programs

Flag CanadaMarvell is committed to ensuring that employees can enjoy a reasonable amount of time off for rest and relaxation, and the recognition that time away from work is essential to employee health, well-being, and productivity. 


 Vacation is accrued each pay period, and in accordance with the following schedule:

  • 0-3 years of service: 15 days (3 weeks) per year (max accrual 22.5 days)
  • 3-6 years of service: 20 days (4 weeks) per year (max accrual 30 days)
  • 6+ years of service: 25 days (5 weeks) per year (max accrual 37.5 days)


Marvell provides 12 paid holidays each year. To learn more about Canada's holiday schedule please visit the Worldwide Holiday Calendar on ServiceNow

2022 Holidays: 
January 3, 2022 Monday New Year's Day
February 21, 2022 Monday Family Day
April 15, 2022 Friday Good Friday
May 23, 2022 Monday Victoria Day
June 24, 2022 Friday National Holiday (Quebec)
July 1, 2022 Friday Canada Day
August 1, 2022 Monday First Monday in August (Civic Holiday)
September 5, 2022 Monday Labour Day
October 10, 2022 Monday Thanksgiving Day
November 11, 2022 Friday Remembrance Day
December 23, 2022 Friday Christmas Day (Observed)
December 26, 2022 Monday Boxing Day 


Marvell's Canada offices will be closed from Thursday, December 22, 2022, through Monday, January 2, 2023. Work will resume on Monday, January 3, 2023. Please refer to the Worldwide Shutdown Calendar on ServiceNow for more information.


Canadian employees have up to 10 working days of paid sick leave during each year of service. Sick days are annual and do not accumulate. 


Employees are eligible for 3 days in any year of service in case of death of immediate family (spouse, child, or parents and in-laws of same).


Employees are eligible for 3 days of paid leave for jury/witness leave with the fourth (4th) day being unpaid with job protection.


  • Pregnancy Leave - Canadian employees may be eligible for up to 17 weeks of pregnancy leave.
  • Family Medical Leave - Employees may be eligible to take an unpaid leave to care for a seriously ill family member with a significant risk of death, unless otherwise specified under the applicable provincial employment standards legislation. The Company may require the employee to present a medical certification confirming that a family member is gravely ill. 
  • Parental Leave - New parents have the right to take parental leave of up to 61 or 63 weeks of unpaid time off work. Parents must begin their parental leave no later than 52 weeks after the date the baby is born or the date their child first came into their care, custody, and control and must be taken all at once.
    • For employees in BC and Ontario:
      • 61 weeks: Birth mothers who take pregnancy leave are entitled to take up to 61 weeks of parental leave.
      • 63 weeks: All other new parents are entitled to take up to 63 weeks of parental leave.
    • For employees in Quebec:
      • 52 weeks: New parents are entitled to take up to 52 weeks of parental leave. 
  • Personal Leave – If a compelling reason arises where an employee must be away from work for an extended period, a Personal Leave may be granted at management’s discretion.  This type of leave is unpaid and does not provide job protection.

Leaves are subject to compliance with the prevailing statutory requirement under Canadian Law.  To learn more about Time-Off Programs, please review the Employee Handbook