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Marvell Enrollment Canada Benefits

Flag CanadaMarvell’s health plans in Canada are provided through Canada Life, available for employees, spouses/domestic partners, and dependent children. 

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 Medical   Deductible 0%
Coinsurance N/A
Inpatient Benefits 100% coverage 
Outpatient Benefits 100% coverage 
Professional Services - Up to $500 per year per service 100% coverage for psychologist/social worker, chiropractor, and physiotherapist
Professional Services - Up to $500 per year per service 80% coverage for dietician, podiatrist, speech therapist, acupuncturist, naturopath, and osteopath
Out-of-Province and/or Country Benefits Up to 60 days of coverage
Medical Second Opinion Service Best Doctors
 Dental  Benefits Maximum (calendar year) Plan pays $2,500/individual
Basic/Preventative Services 100% covered with no deductible
Major/Restorative Services 50% covered up to $2,500 per calendar year
Orthodontics for Children 50% covered up to a lifetime maximum of $2,000
  • Covers $200 every 2 years (every 1 year for those under age 19)
  • 1 eye exam every two years (every 1 year for those under age 19)
Prescription Coverage
  • 100% coverage with a $2.00 deductible per prescription
  • 100% coverage for brand name drugs only by doctor’s written orders and with pre-approval by GWL
Hospitalization & Surgical Semi-private rooms are covered at 100%
EAP Canada's EAP is through CoreContact. CoreContact is an employee assistance program that provides you and your dependents with access to confidential counseling and information services. Learn more about CoreContact in the Benefits Summary

 Visit the Plan Documents and Resources page to review the Benefits Summary